The ability to group (or hide) tracks

One of the things I like about ALK is that it treats stuff as first class objects in the UI. Ultimately, I think that affords more flexibility for us users. One downside however is it makes the UI messier and harder to navigate as you add tracks for commands and controls.

I suggest introducing either a “hide track” feature or the ability to group tracks (similar to folders in a file system). This would help reduce clutter and the need for scrolling - make things more streamlined - and allow us to focus more on the tracks we are actively working on.

Just a thought…

Yes I couldn’t agree more. Especially once you have Control and Command regions for everything on your controllers it does tend to get cluttered.

The last session I’ve been working on had a total of 48 tracks when you include all track types. Would be ideal to hide all my MIDI faders in one expandable folder, MIDI knobs in another, guitars in another etc. So I’m completely with you on this. Something to implement in the future.