=== The New Windows Version Of ALK2 - Loving It! ===

I purchased the Windows version of ALK2 about 3-days ago. I am running Windows 10 with a SSD solid state drive here is a snapshot of my system info:

I have nothing but GOOD THINGS to say about ALK2 for Windows! This is my 1st time using this software and so far it has performed exactly as I hoped it would. I normally do typically track by track recording at a home studio and have used traditional vst looping software, but, this is my 1st time trying my hand at live looping.

It is incredibly fun / rewarding to set up all the loops ahead of recording them and then have my keyboard patches / sounds switch to the appropriated instrument as each recording block appears on the time line!

The drawing tools for creating the record and playback loops are just genius and so simple to use. And the quantize feature works well for creating gap less loops.

I have only found one item that I don’t understand in this software…the Midi Track. What is that used for, because I noticed that you can’t select a Midi instrument and play it on that track, I see that you can put a Midi effect on the track but then what do you do with it after it’s put on that track? :thinking:

Overall, I have to say this software is very enjoyable to work with, I give it a rating of 10 :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::sunglasses:

Hey Lockwiz!

That’s great to hear! It’s been a long haul to port ALK2 over to Windows. Happy to hear you’re loving the app.

To explain MIDI tracks, they input and output MIDI. They’re particularly useful for doing multiple layers of looping with a single software instrument. For example:

Here I have a single drum machine instrument loaded into the top Instrument track. The two MIDI tracks below are both inputting to the Instrument track, one for the first loop (kick and snare) and one for the second loop (hi hats). This is much better than creating two separate Instrument tracks for each drum part as loading the same software instrument twice means twice the CPU usage.

Also, you can set different quantize and note repeat settings on each track which means you can, for example, play the kick and snare normally with your drum pads and play the hi hat part by just holding down a pad with the note repeat turned on on its track.

Hope that clarifies things!

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Hi Robin,

Yes that makes total sense now. That’s an incredibly great idea I didn’t even realize you could do that with midi but midi does a lot of things I’m still learning about.

Thanks again that was a great answer!

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I don’t mean t o divert this topic, but I just downloaded ALK, and having almost the same specs as you, unfortunately the program just doesn’t open. Do you know what could the problem be?

Hi Nic, email us at support@zenaud.io where we’ll be able to investigate this.

Same issue here; fresh install of Win10, all my other music apps run fine, and ALK (paid version) won’t even start up.

Hi @wd8dky, please email us at support@zenaud.io for assistance with this issue and we’ll make sure you get up and running.