Trial ALK2 not activating

Having trouble activating. ALK keeps returning to trial activation screen. Anyone else having this issue?

Well, everyone has this issue. Looks like this company is as dead as a dead parrot. :frowning_face:

Apparently so. Such a shame. The app interface looks great.

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Well, the app is fantastic! I have been working with it to create my first performance and - believe me - there is no app around that can do this so easily! Go check out my video I posted yesterday on may facebook (Enrico Pestalozzi).

As for some possible bugs in the program, I know there are some and it probably will take some time to be fixed, since we have little news from the developer, but there are ways to make it work anyway. Ideally, do not use Catalina on Mac and a lot of RAM (32 GB is best).

IIf you’re serious, I suggest you spend the buck and go with the paid version. here is no other program like this around, I have tried Ableton Live, you can do similar things, but in such a complicated way and for more than double the price.

Hi Enrico,

Thanks for the response. Glad the app is working for you. I would have bought the app last week, but with no word from the company in months, the site sending certificate warning errors (I am guessing from lack of maintenance) for weeks, and the non-function of the registration system, I have no confidence that I would be able to register the purchased product either.

It is very disappointing because the app does look awesome. If the company starts up again I will still likely buy it.

In the mean time, I have been using Reaper with the Nabla scripts. They create a very similar workflow to ALK2 and is MUCH easier to use than any of the Ableton workflows.

Solution is here : Activation Issues

It should work now. Also, see my post on the death of

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