Update for the new year?

How do you feel about posting a notice on how you’re doing with the next update for the new year?
A little information and timetable can go a long way toward keeping us hopeful and feeling like the product will indeed carry on into the future.
It’s been awhile, so please give us all something to look forward to!


It’s been 2 weeks since any responses from ZenAudio here. Personally I’ve stopped using ALK as I’ve ‘lost faith’ in it. Other reasons too, my laptop is getting a bit fragile and I was tempted to move my live music exploits to iPad, there are so many interesting apps in that world.

I made a post a while back hoping for some more honest info about the state of the product etc. A little more info was forthcoming about problems with the Windows build, and losing a developer. But this was about 6 months ago, and there’s been no substantive news since then. Also the original developer used to be active on here a couple of years ago, but no longer. Which I’ve wondered about.

I’ve read between the (few) lines and come to a fairly negative conclusion. Hopefully I’m wrong, wouldn’t be the first time. But the lack of any serious info from Zen doesn’t inspire hope in me.


As a new user of the (Windows) trial I would feel quite sad about the abandonment of this truly great concept, that ALK2 has to offer. Obviously at this time it is no more than this, a proof of concept. They should not have gone into heavy promotion with this version. It is still painfully buggy and they should mention that you will need nothing less than a Quadcore i5 and 16 GB RAM to get a somehow smooth experience with any state of the art plugins. As my only 1-year old laptop (Acer Switch 5 i5 Dualcore) was not able to cope with ALK2’s challenges I now have built a Quadcore Desktop System with latest Windows 1909 with a touch monitor and Bluetooth keyboard around it. Until now it is up and running with minor GUI-Glitches. Still ALK shows off it’s somehow sleazy coding (no loading / busy bars, unreliable VST plugin management etc.) I would suggest they should try to get bought or properly funded by a bigger company for further development. I guess there is no way for a one man show to pull this off and into the future. Just my 2cents.

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