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Split/crop playback loops


Output MIDI clock from ALK to a midi device!


Ableton link


As regards to MPE support, it should already work! @seertaak has already had some fun playing with the Roli Block Seabord in ALK:

I would also love to see audio quantisation (as well as MIDI). I have not seen how to do automatic audio quantisation in Ableton (though maybe I missed a trick there) so that would really give this software the edge for live work if implemented. I have a gig in a month’s time which this feature would be great for; however I appreciate it would probably not be a trivial task.

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And … plugin delay compensation in Playback Loops. When preparing a track I spent quite a bit of time re-timing Playback Loops that were either recorded with plugins (i.e. from another Audio Track) or playing back with them. That should be fairly easy, shouldn’t it?


Enable side-chain inputs for both audio and MIDI track FX (plugins), (where applicable).


In ableton, I believe you’re referring to quantizing a warped clip? CMD+U or CMD+SHIFT+U to bring up the settings before committing. It works well with certain types of audio depending on what you’re doing.

If you highlight a section of a playback loop, it deletes just that section, right? Or do you want a different feature, like CMD+E in ableton or razor in final cut pro?

Hard to vote for just 3, haha…

I see that ableton link / rewire / midi sync doesn’t seem to be listed.

Can anyone explain to me how the master track works currently, and how the “default master track” would be implemented? I’m a bit lost on this at the moment, and I’d love to have some master FX.

I would love to see pretty much all of these features implemented, but I think manual (pedal style) looping is a low priority for me. But I have other options for that already, at some point it might be handy to be able to go straight into some freestyle looping… But maybe it’s only worth it if it’s implemented in some way that makes use of ALK’s existing functionality, ie. As an idea, something like: freestyle looping can be recorded, and then fleshed out and edited into an automated arrangement.

Great work!

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Thanks - highlighting/deleting sections is going to be really useful for me. And ‘Split’ feature [such as cmd+E in Ableton would also be a great feature to have…]

I wished Ableton allowed you to automatically quantise audio on a track. I could not find a quicker way than clicking the audio to select, selecting al (CMD +A) then quantising (CMD +U). This takes too long in a live situation when trying to build up a groove. So I thought if ALK could implement a similar type of warp and have an audio quantise as default as you do in MIDI, this would help speed things up and if the transients get misplaced, ALK has the Panic Mode to fall back on.

Agreed on the split/razor tool. As for highlighting and deleting sections, ALK already has this ability.

Then backspace key:

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How about “monitoring tracks” that are a bit more intentional?

I’m a bit thrown when I want to monitor various things, ie. putting in a record clip, but not having loop clips for that record clip… Maybe it doesn’t need a full overhaul, but if we could just have a different colour for monitoring clips, it could really help for visual clarity (which is one of the things which I liked straightaway about ALK, ie. the clean look)… In addition to this, simply having “monitor clips” not populate the loop clip list, would actually reduce clutter.

Let me provide a use-case: say I have a vocal effect I want to loop… If I only hear it when the loop starts, then it can throw me off, and I’m surprised by the change in the vocal effect suddenly activating… So I know of a couple of ways I can resolve this:

Method 1) I can route an audio track from my mic with an effect on it out to another audio track (I like to do it this way, because then my vocal effects are printed, and I can change the effect of the input channel while the recorded loops remain as recorded)… In theory I could use record clips on my monitor channel when I want to monitor the effect, and then switch off input monitoring on the audio tracks where I want to send the mic input, effected audio to… But the auditioning system gets a bit confusing this way, & I’m not sure if I’ve been able to get it to behave as described above

Method 2) I create a record clip ( functioning as a dummy / monitor clip, ie. it won’t ever be looped) leading up to the time when I actually want to record, where I end the monitor clip, and start a new record clip which will actually be looped… I think it could work in a more elegant way than this…

To reiterate, my two suggestions as above are 1) monitor clips look visually identical to record clips… So far green, red, blue and yellow colours are in use for clip types, so perhaps monitor clips could be purple, orange? 2) monitor clips should not populate the record clips’ dropdown list… But there might be a better solution.

This is exactly the intended method for achieving what you want. A record loop should be drawn before the beginning of the actual record loop. It would look something like this:

The problem with the idea of the “monitor clips” is that when you want to hear back your performance (playback) these sections will not have been recorded. This is why its a better approach to treat the record loops as windows in the arrangement through which you perform live. They are the “live” sections. I see that it would be nice to have some differentiation between the loops that loop and the loops that don’t, but I would suggest using the name box for this information.

Ok thanks.

I take your point about listening back… I’m actually very excited about this functionality, as I can critique every part of my performance… But I suppose if there were monitor clips, they could be set to record for this purpose, but just be a different colour, and not populate the playback clips…

It’s perfectly fine and functional the way it is, and probably not a priority for me… It might serve to appeal to new customers who might think “a monitoring clip is different, and should look different”… Personally I can see that it’s a minor issue, but I think the interface so far looks beautiful, and I like the colour coding for different types of clips. ie. I think these are very intuitive if you glance up in a performance because you suddenly forgot when the next loop is recording, you might be thrown by the red colour, even if labelled appropriately… Also, with such a beautiful looking interface, it kind of seems out of place that monitoring is done this way (just my opinion)…

Saying all of this, for technical reasons, it might be whole lot of work to implement, and I think there are much more useful things to be tweaking / adding… Thanks again.

What about Markers to know we’re we are in the song, just like we can do in logic?


Pedal style looping along with reverse/half speed/double speed would be awesome! I love the “on the rails” looping currently offered, but I think there’s a great opportunity to turn ALK into an awesome improvisation tool. There could even be a separate Improvisation Mode that utilizes a pedal-style interface – maybe something similar to the old Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex looper.

Another thing that might be interesting is a “variation” feature. For example, let’s say you have a drum loop going, but you want to play a fill at the end of a measure. Playing a fill would stop the loop, and once you’re done, the loop would resume.