Voting System for New Features in ALK

VST multioutputs support (Kontakt, MT Power drumkit, etc).

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OnSong does scrolling lyrics but it’s a different world

Bring back the ability to not monitor what you’re recording while you’re recording it, so that you don’t have to listen to your delayed self while recording. Please! This has been a cornerstone of my live looking work with Ableton, and I’d REALLY love to have this working in ALK. Thanks!!


Would replace Circular Labs Mobius with this if these two were implemented:

  1. First loop with a pedal and sets the song tempo
  2. Manual (pedal-style) looping

Are these things that are going to be implemented? If so, are we talking months? Years?


Port this to Linux please. I could use this so much more. I have a donated iMac to run this on at home and don’t see myself gigging with that. Windows what a pain in the neck I’m trying to avoid

Setlist, no brainer, glad that’s on its way.

Ableton Link would be ace. As would some kind of asio routing/driver to allow linking audio to another daw, or rewire functionality?

Also +1 for the ability to put lyrics/notes into the flow so they pop up as the arrangement progresses. Sure, nothing beats knowing the song backwards, but sometimes you decide to add something to the set at short notice, and some visual cues are really useful. Not having to have charts in a seperate program/device would be a huge stramline feature.

I’m about ready to put down some spondoolees and port my entire set into ALK2, but that setlist feature is kind of the clincher. Having to hit file and navigate around my hard drive between numbers is a real buzz kill, espeically as a solo performer. And, no, I can’t have the whole set in one project, especially without markers and a marker list to navigate around. I use looping to augment live performance. The set isn’t sequenced and identiacal every night, and i swap things in or out depending on the audience. The ability to be spontaneous in material selection is more important to me even that the ability to be spontaneous with arrangement within numbers,

Ableton link or at least MIDI clock. Sync would allow using this with other live performance software like Cantabile or Gig Performer or Main Stage. Using it alongside other software would close a TON of the current gaps to using for live performance and bridge the gap to making it truly usable now while the other things are being worked on.


I love ALK2! But the recording monitor is disturbing - my Voice, guitar, keyboard are delayed a litle bit. I dont need it. Most soundcards offer “zero latency monitoring”. But I have to create a automation track to have the volume while recording at level 0 and to raise it for playback again. This is not intuitive and effective.


A good new feature will be possible to Create Marks on top of screen to identify song parts


Loopbrowser and automatic tempo matching.

I think the ALK2 should always open .alk files in the existing, running instance of the app. Currently, if you launch an .alk file from Windows Explorer and then launch another .alk file, a second instance of ALK2 opens up. I can’t think of any scenario where that would be desirable behavior.

An Explorer Window with prelisten function would be Great. Clip Editing possibilities with instand rewind clip by context menu. Better plugin management and More Stability.

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My vote is for none of these features until the iPad version is done. should prioritize that too. Why? Because onboarding iPad users will result in WAY more revenue than any of these features. Hardly anyone will hesitate to buy ALK because one of these features are missing. But a lot of people will be compelled to buy it if it can run on the iPad they have.

I’d have to disagree with you there. Anyone looking to play 1 hr+ long sets of songs without a setlist will certainly be looking for a setlist feature ASAP. (It’s the most requested feature)

As far as an iPad version goes: Devoting too much time to many separate platforms with a limited staff is a great way for a company to lose its entire customer base. The progress over the last few years on just Mac and Windows has been very slow, so adding another platform to have to code for will make everything grind to a halt. Not to mention, Mac and Windows users have already invested in this product, and it’s time to deliver there first.


I Agree with Ed1. I have gone over to iPad for live playing, There’s so much good stuff on that platform. While a good functioning version of ALK on iOS would indeed be great, getting it functioning well on the existing platforms and adding the most essential requested features has got to be a priority.
Also the communication is really substandard. Businesses having issues are given a lot of understanding when they communicate frequently and honestly, and respond to hard questions.

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Here is a scenario : taking traks/parts from another projet