VST organization, global record, gain, pitch on locked loops

I don’t want you guys to work on anything that interferes with stability of course but I have a few things I need to mention so I don’t forget them:

-VST Organization.

One of the biggest pet peeves I have rights now is that the effects (and I limited myself to free ones) are alphabetical and all have names that may or may not say what they are. There has to be a way to organize them by category. I understand people like it by company name, I guess that’s fine, organize however you want. But I want reverbs, EQs, overdrives, together so I know what I’m looking for. Right?

-Global Record.

I know it’s not a necessary feature, but just so you don’t fuck it up, I still want a global record so that when it comes to game time, you make sure you capture a good recording.

-“Physical” Gain Setting

I was curious what the industry does in regard to keeping track of gain settings—not software ones, I’m talking the physical gain dials on your audio interface. It took me not noting this and then changing it on another song to realize that there’s not much point in calibrating a song just right if you’re gonna go to a performance and not remember that you had your gain and volume dials set differently on the next song and you can’t exactly test and tweak on the fly. I’m just making notes on paper now but is there a better way that I’m missing?? I’m new to this.

-Pitch-Shift on Locked Recordings

I noticed this: I made a quick and dirty backing track on a song for bass using guitar downshifted 12 semitones. This because the track has no drums in it. So I made the recording and kept playing until it was really good on the beat and then locked the record loop and made the play loop extend thru the song. But the app still treats the record loop like record loop and it doesn’t let me change the pitch on it. The pitch shift only works for the play loop. So I deleted the locked record loop but the play loop changed, I had to keep the record loop there, Unshifted in the beginnnng of the song. Is this just me?

I’m working off the idea that at least some of my tracks in most songs won’t actually be recorded in the final performance, I’ll just use the DAW to create them and then lock them as backing tracks to keep things simpler. So maybe there should be a setting to reflect that, so they are treated like audio imports rather than relying on the logic of record and play looping. Does that make sense?

Best, Thanks guys.