What about talking to the users?

Ist ALK alive? Will there be new features? When?
Would be great to talk to your fanbase here. Nobody knows if ALK really is alive and if someone works on it…

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Looks like they have abandoned ship now

Ableton Lite does much the same and better

I’m about to jump in but I’m definitely concerned about the lack of support response and the fact that the website was down for about a week with no answers. These kinds of things don’t instill confidence in the company. Are there any alternatives that do live audio looping as well as ALK2? I’m not using any virtual instruments so Ableton doesn’t really thrill me.

There are some great looping apps on iOS but nothing (yet) with a timeline. Thats where I’ve jumped to.

Nooooooo…Have they really shut? I was just beginning to get warmed up to it…Any official announcement?

Hi folks,

We are still alive and kicking. Myself and Martin met two weeks ago. He showed me a full suit of built-in plugins which he has been working on for ALK, along with a drum machine with sequencer. Our plan is to start testing these features soon. Updates are coming. Unfortunately, like most businesses, this virus situation will slow things down somewhat, but we are still active and will post an update soon.


Thanks for the update, Robin.
If you need a beta tester, I’m experienced and available.

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This business must be completely dysfunctional. Having zero communication, the forum being down for weeks, the whole website going missing for a while, and then hearing news that there’s a whole bunch of stuff in the wings, while none of the essential requested updates are even mentioned.

but progress will be slower.

It’s ridiculous and you haven’t explained anything. Maybe you can’t Robin, I understand that depending on your role in the role in the business you might not be able to say what’s really happening. You’re probably in an awkward position.

But this supposed good news, without any explanation of what’s been going on, instills very little confidence in me. I still visit the site and experience surprise to see it load, or see the forum functioning.

I agree with your point of view. With regards to the website issues, in my line of work even having a website down for an hour would have been a major incident.

I would say at this point that any updates, or talk of updates, needs to completely be about (1) fixing crashes, and (2) other performance/stability issues. And new features should be referencing the Voting System that so many users have contributed to since 2018.

I still think ALK2 is unique and I enjoy its workflow and how it allows me to create in ways I can’t do in other apps. But I strongly think the best next step is to show a commitment in making the app, as it is today, a reliable and stable performance tool.


Definitely agree with you there. We all know how much the app needs a functional setlist feature to be seriously useful in a live format. I certainly don’t need any more plugins, and there are already so many great ones out there for free.

Stabilizing the app and focusing on that which would benefit sustained live performance the most would be the most welcomed updates I can think of.


I don’t understand how the virus situation would have an impact here. I mean, shouldn’t it be good for your business that there are now millions of musicians sitting at home looking for something to experiment with?

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Glad this is still alive! Thanks for making such a dope platform for all of us to create on. You guys rock!


Hi Robin, I’m very happy to hear this! You can count on me, I do understand that the situation (virus) is not easy, but - being a small business owner myself - I suspect that financing is the real problem. Why not re-think the financing of Alk2? How many users are-we? In the hundreds? Maybe 1000? A one-time fee will not allow ZenAudio to prosper. You need a steady income. I am ready to subscribe a yearly membership. Or to participate in crowdfunding. Whatever it takes to make Alk2 a durable software. I believe in your product. You may need to invest in some business counseling and not only in the development. Keep us posted!

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