What happened to "always audition while recording" option?


I’m having trouble doing something I used to do when having guitar on an audio channel with an amp sim, routed to several other audio channels that have record and play loops on them.

Currently I have channel 1, guitar input with amp sim, routed to channel 2, 3 and 4, which have the rec/play loops.
In the past I could switch off the ‘always audition while recording’ on channel 2, 3, 4, so only the play loops would sound.

When I try this now, I have the live guitar sound on all 4 channels.

What is the replacement for doing this, and why was that feature removed? I sure hope the workaround is not automation, because that is a crazy option if you’re playing around with song structure, and you then have to add channel automation for every change you want to make or every little thing thing you want to try, rather than have one set-and-forget option per channel.

crossing my fingers here…

Hi @simon

This feature was removed when ALK2 was released in February last year as we found that the relationship between the Audition state (on/off/hover) and the Always Audition While Recording state (on/off) had a lot of users confused as each combination of states yielded different results.

However, if there is an outcry for particular functions to return we can certainly take another look at how to implement them in a clearer way.

That seems like a backward move, to remove a really useful functionality. I hope there will be an outcry but I doubt it somehow, I’m surprised no-one else seems to have noticed it.

So am I correct in thinking I have to automate power or volume for each track, and each loop on that track, to overcome this?
Currently I’m writing a track that has 3 part harmony guitars that I’d like to use 1 amp for, and playing around with the arrangement becomes a huge chore. So even if there’s not an outcry, it really seems like essential functionality for efficient processor use.

It seems the option could possibly have been clearer if it was presented in reverse. Since auditioning while recording is standard behaviour, if the option had read ‘Don’t audition while recording’ and you had to select that to move from the default behaviour, it may have been more obvious.
Or possibly have a ‘radio button’ scenario with something like:
Audition while recording (normal behaviour)
Don’t audition while recording
being mutually exclusive options

Perhaps I’ll try to drum up an outcry in another topic! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your input Simon. I’ve taken logged your points and done some investigations with ALK1 and I can indeed see the use-case. We are certainly open to discussion on this and to re-implementing the feature in a more logical way.

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I have the same observation. I use midas mr18 mixer and would like to use live monitoring from mixer (i compared it with live auditioning in alk2 and with vocal, bass or drums i really feel the difference. This option had been my go-to, and now it; is gone and i have to do autiomation adjustments to work around it. To be honest its really dissapointing, i’m was really pissed off by that, because i know that would take one click of a mouse, now with plenty of tracks setting that up takes like 15-20 minutes if track has complicated arrangement. I’m not trying to be rude, just try to tell You how it really is. Please, look for example at Reaper software. It has almost every option community requests, because with artists using soft it is pretty clear, almost every user does things differently (it is really domain of being an artist). And exactly for that, Reaper becomes a DAW that is used not only by beginners, but the pro users too and is often presented as nr 1 in daw ranking sites (i’ve seen that). I was shocked that for example Polish hip-hop lengend and producer O.S.T.R uses Reaper as his main environment. I think that is the case, because when You have an idea to make something really diffrent or weird in Reaper, and You are looking for an unconventional option, it is great to see that this software 99% of the time have got you coverd. For now when someone ask me about alk, I cant really said that software is all cool and great, because useful options are dissapearing. If someone is confused about three modes of auditioning it really is kind of his problem (in my opinion). I dont know for example 70 percent of Reaper functions, but I dont use them. I use options that are useful for me. There was 3 options of auditioning. It is really so hard to try “all” three and check whitch is working for you? If software developers were listening to users that cannot read the manual or simply try out something new, every audio program would be a toy for kids, not powerful and capable tool. If It sounded rude, im sorry, I know english a little bit and use simple words. I wish everyone a nice day!

This is the exact issue I have. I would really appreciate this option being brought back.

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I came looking for an answer on how to avoid all the automation when 1 track is feeding others so we can loop with effect plugins embedded into our new loops.

I have been using a lot of tracks as busses, but it is hard with some of the above issues. How are you guys recording and looping effects? Today I am trying to use logic as my “instrument” front end with effects and then bussing into ALK so I can try achieving something similar to what the original poster was doing. But now I have to deal with manually switching tracks in Logic.

Any other workarounds? Also, has anyone figured out how to run some things like a traditional looper pedal? Similar to Audio Damage “Enso”?

I’ve played around with Enso in ALK. Some details can be found here Using Enso Looper with ALK

If they don’t bring back that feature they’re shooting themselves in the foot. It was there originally for good reason, and was apparently ditched because some people found it confusing. That’s UI design issue I’d say, and not a reason to scrap it.

I’ve got around it by giving up on ALK and desktop operating systems and moving to IOS. It was a big surprise to see what’s available in that world. Lots of great loopers (Group the Loop is what I’m using, along with some amp sims, Soft Drummer (one of the amazing Lumbeat drum apps, nothing like it on desktop) and the AUM audio mixer. GTL doesn’t give the functionality of ALK but is very flexible and suits me perfectly. There are also several looper apps that do the more traditional looping your’e after. Loopy HD is many people’s favourite.

I found something that lets me do what the original poster is after, and I am loving it. Under Input in addition to the tracks I have routed I also have a physical input selected that I am not using. This is forcing the track into the state we are after.

As you can see the bottom input (23076508 etc.) Is an input I am not using on my RME Fireface. When I add this to any track it changes the state and allows us to feed it like a buss but without hearing every input multiplied…

Maybe adding an unused soundflower or loopbadck input would force the state as well so we dont have to use a physical input, but I am not running either to test right now.

Thank you frappers for the link!!! I didn’t realize you guys figured out how to incorporate enso. I know what I am doing today. :slight_smile:

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Interesting discovery! I have tried this with the virtual audio ports (set up as a ‘aggregate device’ on my Mac). It does solve the issue when I am not recording. But I still get a doubled signal when recording a loop (1 is the source track with my guitar as input and amp sim plugin; 2 is the bus track with the record loop).

Using control tracks to mute the bus tracks while you record still seems like the best option. Otherwise I do like using Gig Performer as my plugin host and using virtual audio ports to route to ALK. You can also use ALK midi tracks to send out program change messages on virtual midi ports to change presets in Gig Performer.