zenAud.io is winding down

Thank you for your openness and transparency. I’ve enjoyed using ALK2 over the past year and a half of owning it. It was wonderful to find a program that perfectly addressed so many issues that we face as performers. I hope it can continue somehow. I’ll be watching closely to see what happens. Glad things are going well with you, and I wish your family all the best. :slight_smile: -Anne

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for your hard work on the project. The ‘mutinous’ comment made me laugh out loud. I’ve been checking back every week or so for the past few months and i’m actually totally STOKED that I could activate the demo. I’m clearing my schedule as much as I can to use your software for the next month. I’m strictly using MIDI so hoping it will work well enough. Its the oddest feeling of having just a month with your dream software… kinda surreal. The fun will be fleeting but the fun will definitely be had.

We all understand the software has issues or shortcomings but please consider selling a version for the few of us dying to buy it ‘as is’. Anyway, thanks again to you and Robin for making your idea into a reality. Sorry it didn’t work out, as musicians I think we can all relate on some level. Please consider an ‘as is’ run for the few of us who have been hanging on hope.

Best of luck with your job and family!


Thanks for this (twenty character minimum)!

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Just discovered this today! Sorry to see I am just little late, you would’ve had a sale from here for sure. I’ve been looking for this kind of a program for a while, this seemed really promising. But hopefully you can find a good new home for this software, were it open source or some other company. All the best to both Martin and Robin, and most of all thank you!

Wow. I am a guitarist that has been looping off a HD500X and I just bought a Novation MKIII and Motu M4 because of what I saw what this program can do (I have not been interested in Ableton live looping workflow). Was going to get settled/comfortable with the hardware before trying out the 30 day demo. Bad timing for me, but I understand your reasonings.

Is it possible to let this become open source?

I’ve come late to the party. I downloaded the demo yesterday and realised ALK2 is perfect for my planned live looping YouTube clips, and potentially to use live on stage. I tried to purchase only to find this situation!

I’m really disappointed and actually quite frustrated to hear that you’re winding down. Why not keep the store open for a little while so people get one last chance to purchase? You would at least make a little bit of money out of this as well.

This is easily the best live looping program out there, it’s really intuitive, and I believe it would have eventually taken off and you would have been able to sell it. I have Ableton but trying to do this in it is clunky and quite difficult.

Why not get a team of us users to help promote it instead of just relying on yourself to do it?

I’m just really bummed that I can’t get to use it. If anyone wants to sell me their product key I’m willing.

Martin please give us late comers one last chance to purchase!

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Why close the shop?
There are lots of products out there who reached “End of Life”, they’re not getting any farther support and updates, but still being sold “as is”.

There’s a sense it leaving a page with a download button, a paypal button, and there you go - a passive income machine.

Make a fix price, anything between 50$-100$ will be fair and let it sell.

Why prevent humanity from sharing a great piece of software?



HEY THERE,do you know if I can keep using my full version after they close the website??

Hi there , I am from Colombia , south america, my English is not good but I was wondering if I can keep using my full version I bought like four months ago. It was already activated and right now I am using ALK full version to prepare my next 2021 live show. I am really sad for the finish of the company.

Well, you need internet connection only when registering your serial key to get the full version. This is the only time you “interact” with the online server. After unlocking Alk, the rest can be done offline, since the license key file installed in the Alk2 directory of your computer is fully unlocked.

The problem is if you need to reinstall Alk for some reason after February 1st 2021. The server will go offline and we will not be able to insert the license key online. For this reason, @seertaak and @heycoffeeeyes wrote that “Before that date, a copy of ALK will be made available to which doesn’t require further activation”. This means that the next Alk update will be for an offline activation if you already own a license key. Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Very sad to hear this. It is a shame as there is a lot of potential for the program to become mainstream. @seertaak, for your final release would it be possible to reintroduce Abelton Link to ALK2/ release two versions even if it’s still a bit buggy? A final programming challenge of sorts? :wink:
I think there are those of us who will continue to use the software professionally, provided the offline version allows us to implement back up systems etc. I don’t know if I speak for others, but the Mac version is stable for me and I can live without a mixer and setlist. I would however love to be able to send midi clock messages out of ALK2!
That said, all the best with your future endevours, and thanks for all your hard work getting things this far.

This is the route I’m currently exploring! A very steep learning curve, but it’s the way I want to get with my looping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TpMLmO_JJc

You certainly did a fantastic job. The thing looks amazing (I’m somewhat visually impaired and even for me it is easy to work with). Its quite a lot of new territory and I can understand the excitement. But like others have said, the code is professional enough that if you had someone to market it on one of the funding sites. I could use it as a code base myself if I was up and running with my technology, but like you, I latch on to more than I can handle sometimes. Although I filed an international patent, and am speaking with some DJ companies, I really have no way of knowing where that will end up. But the quality of your work is definitely there. I hope your family and current gig are joyful and educational. Martin, take Care!

I’m very sorry to hear this.

I sincerely hope that you can find a buyer for the software. It’s a great concept, and with a bit of funding and focused marketing, I think it can really find a viable place in the market.

Please consider open source, if you can bear to let go of the IP.

I wish you a lot of luck in whatever is next. Perhaps one day, you can realize this vision under a different circumstance.

Best to you, Robin, and your families.

Devistated that your ending the program. It’s the best program I have used for songwriting. It’s the ultimate songwriting writing sketch pad.
I’m with everyone else here, the program still has massive potential if marketed properly, and possibility to a different audience. Pass it on to someone else to continue. Make it an open source platform that others who love it can can build on the fabulous work that has already been done on it by both you and Robin… you only have to look at what AudioKit have done for with open source code for the iPad audio Synth app… to see that it can work.
That said I wish you well in whatever you decide to do next.
And as much as you may feel this project didn’t turn out as well as you would have liked. You only have to look at all these posts and realize you changed a lot of lives and contributed so much to how we all approach our love of music.

It would be great to opensource it so that it doesn’t vanish. Who knows, that could be the beginning of a great free softward adventure.

+1 on this, maybe voluntary users could help in the development

Hi everyone. See this post.

I made a free version of ALK2. No licensing, no hassle. No dependency on my flaky website :slight_smile:


Have you thought about doing a Kickstarter to fund the offering of the source to the community (I know you’ve been a little apprehensive but hear me out)?

That way you can set a minimum value for your work and get the open source community to then help pick up the pieces and you may even place further fundraisers to fund your time on features, should you still want to work on it and be paid for it but at your pace, while still giving the community the chance to enhance and bug fix in the interim.

With the right source code licencing, you could still retain the restrictive rights on the use of your code by other commercial projects and can sell a licence to include in their projects (or buy the commercial licence in its entirety for their sole commercial use / licence distribution) while potentially still letting the community code thrive.

I sadly haven’t managed to try your software and the free build doesn’t seem to be able to launch with the latest VC++ distribution (I’ve recently installed VS 2019 to have a play with a few projects myself) and if interested at all it’s a KERNALBASE.dll module error with exception code 0xe06d7363.

However, it is exactly what I want to be playing with now that I’ve got a guitar amp with USB two way ASIO and was both excited to have a play and gutted when it didn’t work and is fairly dead development-wise.

At the very least, if you do keep it in a working state, please do give a method of donation for everyone to say thanks.

Either way, wishing the best for you and Robin as looks like there has been a lot of effort that’s gone in and is real shame it’s been a bit of a bottomless hole for your funds in the end, as these things can sometimes work out to be.

Yes, of course you can continue using the version you have. You can also download the version I posted. Ultimately you’ll want to grab the newer versions which will include updated libraries and (depending on my time) other goodies like new FX.

e.g. there’s a plugin I want to dust off that leverages my (insane) keyboard combinations to basically replicate an 808… using only your trusty (alphabetic) keyboard.